• Chisenhale Dance Space (map)
  • 64 - 84 Chisenhale Road London
  • London, E3 5QZ
  • UK

Zootrophic is an improvisation company doing unusual work with a large ensemble cast of trained actors, dancers and musicians.

For three nights only, we will perform our new format, "Uncivilised", an epic improvised tapestry, at your command.

We will build the civilisation of your choice, under your own eyes, and then use the most mundane of occurrence, suggested by you, to start a chain reaction that will ultimately destroy that civilisation. Maybe a better one will grow on the rubbles. Maybe not...

Each night is unique and with 15 to 20 improvisers on stage, anything can happen. 

Audience reactions from our last show on tweeter: "Brave bizarre and brilliant work". "Extraordinary first impro show full of sex and violence last week. We loved it."