• Chisendale Dance (map)
  • 64-84 Chisenhale Road
  • E3 5QZ London
  • United Kingdom

On Thursday the 10, Friday the 11 and Saturday the 12 of March 2016. From 7.30 to 9.15 pm.

A new improvised performance by Zootrophic, a collective of dancers, actors and musicians directed by Remy Bertrand, Rites Of Spring will celebrate the change of season in unexpected ways. 

From ancient rituals to modern-day celebrations, we will go in search of the Rites of Spring under your expert guidance.

The shows are entirely improvised so you can come to all three nights and see something totally different each night. 

Zootrophic is an improvisation company doing unusual work with a large ensemble cast of trained actors, dancers and musicians.

We make improvisational theatre that is beautiful to watch, giving space to music, movement and dialogues. Telling stories from the edge of chaos.

"Thought the show was fantastic last night. I hadn't been to an improvised show before and wasn't sure I'd like it but I really enjoyed myself. It was impressive how the actors in combination with musicians and lighting created engaging stories and moods on such small and seemingly unrelated suggestions from the audience." Joe Maskell
 "I really enjoyed the show. The singing and the acting were beautiful." Roderick Millar
"Thank you for the wonderful show last night. Loved that there was a space for everyone and everything. So many different forms of expression and yet all the pieces of the story, music, dancing and who knows what else coming together so beautifully. It felt like there was something big holding them together. Was such a warm and fuzzy evening even though the ending gave me a couple of chills." Anna Milashevich
"Great show on Wednesday - it was both interesting and entertaining to see the improvisers when they are in full flow, filling out an ideas that have just been created, which is in stark contrast to the forms of acting that I am most used to seeing (films and television). This is just more real. Even with subject matters as varied as they were! Keep up the good work." Ed Sillars